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The starting point for any conversation about your financial future, is what you want to achieve. For some people this is crystal clear. For others it is more vague. Either way, we understand how to have the conversations that will help you identify a way forward. And then work with you to bring it about.

Where to begin?

You know you want to make the most of your money. You may know what you want to do in your life. You might not have put those two thoughts together. We will take the time to understand your circumstances and your aspirations. These are some of life's most important conversations, so you want to get off on the right foot.

  • Start Planing
  • Start Planing



What is right for me?

When it comes to planning finances, there is no one way that is right for everybody. Which is why we deal with a wide range of products and providers. By exploring your options and drawing on our knowledge and experience, you can be confident that the plan we build together will deliver what you need it to.

Staying on track
Life rarely stands still. Priorities shift, circumstances change, opportunities come and go and plans need to adapt. Regular discussion is the key to keeping on top of things. We will work with you to adapt your plans when things change, to keep you on course for your destination. Looking to the future
Financial planning is about much more than investing to grow wealth or create an income. We can help you to ensure that your family is protected if something happens to you. We will also help you to pass on as much of your estate as possible, using the allowances the government has put in place, so that your money will go to the people you want it to.

Wealth planning
Wealth planning is a financial planning and investment service that enables you to benefit from our extensive financial planning experience and expertise – whether you are looking to grow your investments, pay off your mortgage, increase your pension pot, fund your children’s school fees or provide financial protection for your family.

Step 1: Explore your options Wealth planning gives you anytime access to a range of calculators and tools that allow you to map your financial goals and explore potential options.

Step 2: Speak to one of our financial planners Your one-to-one telephone consultation with one of our experienced financial planners will then give you the confidence to understand the options available to you to meet those goals.

Step 3: Agree your approach our planner will work with you to establish your goals, build a list of long-term priorities and create a detailed financial plan. If appropriate, they will work with you to decide which of our FAM-POD portfolios is right for you.

Step 4: Keeping track and review Your circumstances can change, so regular annual reviews will ensure your financial plan remains the best choice for you.

Access to our Managed Portfolio Service
As a fieldia asset client you will enjoy access to five ready-made investment portfolios with a range of investment risk levels. Your financial planner will select the investment portfolio that most closely matches your goals, ambitions and attitude to risk. Our portfolios are invested in a mix of different types of investment – including cash, bonds and shares – and are based on the insight of our in-house research team who are dedicated to adding value to your investments This enables us to offer you choice and a style to suit you at a cost-effective price. Each month the mix of assets for each portfolio is assessed, and if necessary, adjusted to ensure the portfolios stay on track to meet their objectives.