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Why Fixed Products?

Fixed products are an important part of many investor's portfolios. Their opportunities for use are diverse and can help investors by:

  • Acting as a hedge against market volatility and downside risk. Creating a low-risk safe haven for those investors with a low tolerance for risk.

  • * Providing a method of portfolio diversification.
    * Allowing for a guaranteed return for short-term savings.
    * Delivering a means to preserve retirement assets once an investor reaches retirement age.

Fixed income annuities available through Fieldia

Unique Insight

One of the biggest retirement risks is outliving your savings. Fixed income annuities may help you to plan for the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to achieve, knowing that you will have a source of income that will last throughout retirement. With this guaranteed stream of income in retirement,2 you (and your spouse, if you choose a joint annuity) have the assurance of knowing that some of your income is secure. This may help you manage your retirement spending accordingly. Fixed income annuities available through Fieldia can be purchased for either immediate or future (deferred) retirement income, depending on your current life stage.

Global Intergrated Resources

With a dedicated team of professionals located across the globe and trading globally, we connect global expertise with deep local knowledge to align alpha opportunities and risk exposure.

Disciplined Investment Process

In our view, combining a top down and bottom up dynamic approach to exploit diversified sources of alpha is key to delivering consistent performance over time. Given our size we are nimble enough to add value via security selection, while still enjoying the ability to seek optimal execution in the markets.