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Who We Are

About Us

Fieldia Asset Management

We are a global asset managers with broad and deep expertise across all major asset classes. This, combined with our insurance heritage, uniquely positions us to help you achieve your financial goals. Fieldia global Asset management is one of the largest independent financial groups in United States of America, providing comprehensive services to clients worldwide – including asset management, wealth management, retirement option , and life insurance.

Today, Fieldia Asset has a presence in 25 markets and the group’s managed assets worldwide exceed US$250 billion (as of December, 2019). Our unwavering principles and core values define our focus, and our strong track record as a trusted financial services provider has positioned us for a successful future. Dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of clients, Fieldia Asset will continue to pursue relentless innovation and expand our capabilities with a forward-looking and pioneering approach

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We are actively responsible investors

We promote sustainable business practices in global markets, encouraging greater transparency and better corporate governance. This helps us to reduce risk and strive to enhance the long-term value of your investments.

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We invest with conviction for the long term

Everything we do is driven by our long-term perspective and our focus on building strategies and funds that are built to last. This ensures we develop long-lasting partnerships with our clients.




Fieldia asset management is committed to helping our clients achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. Our primary objective for considering ESG issues is improving the risk/return trade-off of our clients' investments. We provide investors a variety of options to achieve their ESG objectives


Corporate governance

Fieldia asset managment is built on the foundations of accountability, fairness and transparency – they govern the way we do business at every level, across every division, every day. Excellent corporate governance is critical to long-term success — for us, our shareholders and our customers. Our Board of Directors sets the tone by promoting a strong culture of integrity and ethical behaviour throughout our organization.

Our Mission

We are working hard to not only change ourselves, but to reshape our industry. Our Mission is to make decisions easier and our customers' lives better. Our five Strategic Priorities define our focus, and our strong track record as a trusted financial services provider has set us up for a successful future.

To achieve our Mission, we set out our five key areas of focus, narrowing our priorities to those that will strongly position us to transform Fieldia into a digital, customer-centric market leader, creating significant value for our customers, employees, and shareholders: 

Portfolio optimization

We are actively managing our capital to ensure we can deliver the best returns and cash generation possible, while reducing risk and volatility. 

Expense efficiency

We are getting our cost structure into fighting shape and simplifying and digitizing our processes to position us for efficient growth. 

Accelerating growth

We are accelerating growth in our highest potential businesses, including Asia, Global WAM, global behavioural insurance, and group benefits all over the world  

Digital customer leader

We are putting customers first and improving how our customers interact with us to ensure we exceed their expectations and we are using digitization and innovation to do so.  

High-performing team

Fostering a culture that is inclusive, engages every employee, and makes our company a compelling place for talented people to join and build their careers is foundational to the success of our transformation.

Our values

Our Values are the guideposts that will help us achieve our bold Mission. They define who we are and how we work together: we are a digital, customer-centric market leader that's leading the change customers demand.

Own it

We feel empowered to make decisions and take action to deliver our mission.

Think big

Anything is possible. We can always find a better way.

Share your humanity

We build a supportive, diverse and thriving workplace.

Get it done together

We’re surrounded by an amazing team. Do it better by working together.

Obsess about customers

We predict their needs and do everything in our power to satisfy them.

Do the right thing

We act with integrity and do what we say.

Working Sectors

Investment strategies


Assets Management


Assets Management

Fieldia Asset Management’s commitment to excellence in investing;





Our research revolves around enumerating the elements required for success


Why Fieldia.

Fieldia asset management has always been a different kind of financial services firm – one that places a premium on practicality, one that believes in taking a measured approach, both to the markets and to management, and one that understands that its greatest competitive advantage is people like you.

  • We believe in the power of integration, creating opportunity and empowering investors to have greater confidence in their investment decisions and outcomes

    Our investment philosophy
  • We manage risk with discipline and rigour. By combining our extensive experience and unique insights, we reach an informed view on every decision throughout the whole investment process.

    risk management

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.